Why Your Vitamins May Be Ineffective

Why Your Vitamins May Be Ineffective

A few years ago, I was on a TV show and showed an x-ray of a person’s mid-section with little white, tubular-shaped objects present. Were they kidney stones, bone spurs or even cancerous lesions? No. What they were practically no one could see coming.

They were whole, undigested vitamins, ready to be “expelled” from the body (if you know what I mean).

Turns out that millions of people can not digest vitamins or even drugs. They come out whole.

One day I was walking through a store and a gentleman stops me. He said he recognized me from TV and said I was right–that vitamins do not break down in the body but come out whole.

“Too much information from a stranger,” I thought. But then he quickly went on to tell me that he cleans sewers for a living. You know, in one of those big vacuum trucks you see on the sides of roads that are used for maintenance for underground sewers.

He said at the bottom of the sewer runs are thousands of pills-whole pills, undigested. And then there is the occasional wedding ring…

Most vitamins are either compressed together with a hydraulic press, and/or are coupled with fillers or other agents (like silica–sand) to hold them together. Also, people over 40 have fewer enzymes and less stomach acid to break pills down. And millions are on antacids or acid-blockers.

One mineral in particular has great trouble being broken down when in pill or tablet form: magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals you can take, being responsible for over 325 biochemical reactions just by itself. Without magnesium, calcium can be left unassimilated in the body, forming calcium deposits and other unwanted conditions.

In response to this problem of magnesium not being broken down in the body, I have created my own naturally-sweetened, orange-flavored magnesium formula that you can mix in cold water and enjoy in just a matter of seconds. As it’s a powder, it really absorbs into the body fast–many of my patients claim they feel it working immediately.

You can check it out here for more details!

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