Big Unexamined Stress & Stress Relief

Big Unexamined Stress & Stress Relief

Today we are under stress more than ever. The economy (or lack thereof), kids, parents, health, weather–they are all taking a heavy toll on us.

But one big stressor that is constantly being overlooked is something we ALL have to deal with, every day. And there’s nowhere you can go to avoid it.

That is, unless you’re in a swimming pool…

Did you get the hint?

The Answer Is . . .

That’s right, it is G R A V I T Y!

We live on a fairly heavy gravitational planet. Yes, there are heavier ones. Some so much that your face would be too smashed in to put on makeup or shave in the morning.

But here on Earth, our gravity, which is the force which pulls you into the floor, weighs in at 16 pounds per square inch.

To give you perspective on this, that would be the same as having a bowling ball placed on every square inch of your body.

Scrunched Joints

So what does this mean practically for you?

It means that your joints and muscles are under constant assault and stress from Mother Nature, namely gravity.

Sorry for those of you who thought your joint pain was due to a lack of Vioxx or any other drug you see on TV in Direct-To-Consumer Drug Ads, so charitably presented to us as a “public service” by the ever-so-caring Big Pharma.

Your sore muscles, back, neck, feet, knees and the like are in a constant state of compression from gravity.

Of course, when YOU are under stress, it triggers the pain and tightness in your body even more!

Stress = Pressure

So what can you do, what can you do?

Here’s a few tips to relieve stresses on your body:

1. Take Epsom Salt baths every few days. Epsom Salts (recommended place to purchase: Costco, $4 for a huge bag) are magnesium salts. Put in a hot bath, the magnesium gets into the muscles and R-E-L-A-X-E-S them. Ahhh!

 2. Get off antidepressant drugs. Why? They mess up your nerves, tighten up your muscles and add to the stress. Additionally, antidepressant drugs are one of the major reasons people are overweight. Messes up the metabolism, among others.

3. Take a good stress vitamin. Try B1, Magnesium, D3 and/or a krill oil. These are awesome vitamins that help with:

a) Stress Relief

b) Metabolism

c) Pain

Also listen to my syndicated radio shows, airing every week on a station near you!

4. Get pressure point massages and chiropractic treatments regularly. I can’t say enough about this. Also, grab a copy of my new book, Pressure Point Therapy so you can do the Pressure Points on yourself to relieve stress.

5. Finally, take a walk. A good walk will de-stress you and reset your circuits.

In health,

Dr. P