Pressure Point Therapy – Dealing With Stress

Pressure Point Therapy – Dealing With Stress

We’re all under stress these days. When I ask assorted people what “stress” is, I get many answers. Money, jobs (or lack thereof), deadlines, relationships, children, parents and traffic are very common responses.

From college classes, I remember stress had something to do with “salivating dogs.” That definition (and most other psych ones) are nonsense.

Webster’s Dictionary defines stress as PRESSURE. Whatever the stress is, from any source, it results in pressure. Good definition, right?

So now the stress from the outside world gets in your body. And man, can you feel it!

Do you know what the most persistent stressor on your body is, by the way?

Gravity. That’s right, we have a pretty strong gravitational force on this planet, something on the order of 16 pounds per square inch.

Now think of your body, how many square inches you have. For every sq inch, you have the weight of a bowling ball pressing down on the body, towards the floor. No wonder you’re so tight!

Watch for more postings of this kind. I have a book out now, Pressure Point Therapy, that will give you tools to handle this pressure. You can check it out here.