Pressure Point and Your Immunity

Pressure Point and Your Immunity

As the coronavirus continues sweeping across the planet, I'd like to share my viewpoint on this.

Question: Will Pressure Point Therapy protect me against getting the virus or flu?

Yes it will help and here's why:

Your immune system should be prepared to protect you against viruses, bacteria, the flu and yes, the coronavirus. The immune system is intimately connected to your nervous system. When your nerves are flowing freely your immune system is on it's game. When there is too much stress in the body, ie, you have multiple Pressure Points active and blocking nerve function, your body gets run down. Your defenses lower and you now can be predisposed to illness.

When you treat your Pressure Points daily, even if you're "not sick", you're opening up nerve channels, which energizes your immune system.

Viruses are basically free-floating DNA pockets looking to find and take over the cells in your body. How can a virus get by your defenses, which should be on Red Alert to find and stop these "walking hard drives"? It is easy if the power is reduced or down to your immune system, because your Pressure Points are blocking your energy from flowing through your body.

So wake it up!

I recommend you get my books and materials and apply the chart "Pressure Points for Greater Energy and Vitality" on a daily basis. If you're sick, apply this several times per day.