"Feel Better With Pressure Point Therapy" Now in 5th Year on Public Television!

"Feel Better with Pressure Point Therapy" is now in its 5th year, airing nationwide on Public Television.
The success and longevity of the show is based on Dr. Pinkus demonstrating how to find and treat your own Pressure Points. Conditions such as headaches, lower back pain, low energy, sinuses, immune system and more are discussed.
Produced by American Public Television (APT) and Twin Cities Public Television (TPT), viewers can participate by pledging for Dr. Pinkus' materials, which in turn supports their local networks.
"Public Television is an important component of our culture", states Dr. Pinkus. "You and your children's worlds can expand greatly by watching commercial-free programming on the broad subjects of life, space, education, social justice, music, cooking and even home repair. What an honor it is to be able to help Public Television for the past 5 years!"