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Pressure Point Pillow

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Having a good night's sleep in vital for health and healing.  A bad pillow results in tossing/turning and waking up stiff.  The Pressure Point Pillow changes all of this.

The Pressure Point Pillow's design incorporates comfort and support. Very few pillows accomplish this.


  • The Pressure Point Pillow has down-like comfort but from non-allergenic fiber fill (instead of down)
  • Covered with 230 thread count cotton, very soft and comfortable
  • The pillow has three sections, a curved neck-support area and two head-rest areas
  • Great for side-sleepers and back sleepers
  • Fits in a standard pillow case


  • The curved neck support gently keeps your neck muscles and Pressure Points relaxed
  • While sleeping on your side, the neck support and head-rest area keeps your spine aligned, in the neutral position
  • Is helpful for those with whiplash, neck pain, shoulder pain, scoliosis or even insomnia
  • For those with snoring, the neck support helps keep the airway open
  • If you have jaw problems (TMJ), this pillow assists in keeping the head, jaw and neck aligned.  TMJ can be a result of misaligned areas with resultant muscle tension and Pressure Points in the jaw

Compare with MyPillow: the Pressure Point Pillow has the comfort of MyPillow with the supportive features that MyPillow of almost all pillows lack

Made in the USA!




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