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Pressure Point Ice Pack

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Ice has been called "nature's pain reliever".  When applying an ice pack several body responses occur:

  1. Initially icing reduces inflammation. This slows down the pain and stiffness, usually in the first 10-15 minutes
  2. Once this occurs, icing opens up blood flow to the area.  Your body "rinses away" the metabolites, which are the irritating chemicals that result in pain and inflammation.

The Pressure Point Ice Pack is unique in several ways.  There are two Pressure Point balls inside the ice pack.  This is so you can position the balls to either side of your neck for neck pain or headaches.  For lower back pain, position the balls to either side of the spine.  Then lie down on the ice pack.  The weight of your body will help the Pressure Points to relax with the help of the balls.

This ice pack also has two surfaces, one for sustained, slower icing.  The other for rapid icing.  The no frost cover means you can use directly on your skin without a towel or cover.

The Pressure Point Ice Pack is a must if you have neck pain, low back pain, head aches, fibromyalgia or any other joint pain.  6" x 10" size.

Made in the USA!

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