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Pressure Point Heating Pack for Muscle Spasms

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Heat has been used for eons to treat pain or muscle spams. The problem is most heating pads have electrical coils embedded in them, which is ultimately very bad for the muscles and bones. 

Moist heat is the preferential treatment for pain by most doctors and physical therapists. The Pressure Point Heating Pad has a unique design to deliver moist heat without expensive equipment.

The heating pack contains thousands of micro beads. These beads absorb moisture from the air and when heated in a microwave, moisture is released. The heating pack holds heat for 20-30 minutes.

Uses love the Pressure Point Heating Pack. It is great for neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, hip pain, foot and hand pain or arthritis anywhere in the body. Some claim instant pain relief when applied.

Also great for winter usage, for cold feet and hands.

Has a heavy duty plush cover. Measures 5" x 20". 

Made in the USA!


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