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Pressure Point Foot Pain Roller

Pressure Point Foot Pain Roller

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"Oh my aching feet" or "My dogs are barking" are some of the most common words to come out of human's mouths!  There are 100's of Pressure Points at the bottom of the feet and Dr. Pinkus' Pressure Point Foot Pain Roller will help you relieve this pain and tension! 

The massager has a series of plastic ribs which penetrate the Pressure Points at the bottom of your feet or hands.  You control the pressure by how hard you press on the roller.  Use at work, at home while watching TV or even while traveling.  

The massager has 3 in 1 functions: 1) the Pressure Point ridges create a deep foot massage when your roll your foot  2) the pointed end is helpful to penetrate deeper Pressure Points and 3) the small roller ball to treat points in your feet - or anywhere in your body!

Great for sore feet, arthritic hands or any other place of tension in your body.

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